3-16-10 Daido Building 3F,
Shimo-ochiai, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 161-0033

(Very close to the Shimo-ochiai
Sancho-me bus stop(On Mejiro Street))

TEL : 03-5906-5092

FAX : 03-5906-5093


We treat speakers of English, French and German.
Other languages may be accommodated, subject to translator availability.

*Please inform us of your language when you make an appointment.

*Closed day: Monday, Thursday afternoon, every other Saturday,
                        Sunday and National Holidays

Appointment is required.

Please call us during our office hours to schedule your appointment:
We are open on Tuesday, Wednesday and every other Saturday (9:30-18:00)
Thursday (9:30-13:00), Friday (9:30-19:00)

Please bring your health insurance card
  on your first appointment  

We will try our best to see you at your appointment time,
  but you may be asked to wait for a while
  when the booking is very heavy.

Please contact us by telephone
Please note that answering your questions may require
  a face-to-face consultationwith our psychiatrist.
E-mail inquiries are not accepted due to privacy issues.

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